Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A funny baby story, it's a pity we didn't get to take photos of the incident....... This evening I was upstairs with Safa and Bilal, trying to get through more packing, which is hard with a little toddler running around between four open suitcases. Anyway, I came down to the kitchen, soon followed by Safa, and, I thought, Bilal. A few minutes later Zakir walked into the kitchen from the sitting room, where I presumed Bilal was playing. I did think it was odd that I didn't hear his usual jabbering, so I asked Zakir what Bilal was up to. When he said he wasn't in the sitting room I freaked. Zakir headed upstairs to find him, and lo and behold, he was sitting on the stairs, going through several miniature bars of chocolate that he had sneaked out from a bag upstairs. His face was smothered, and mouth was full. No wonder he was so quiet! And this was after he had been bathed, and had his teeth brushed. Zakir took him back into the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash him up, but couldn't get him to open his mouth, still full of chocolate. We had to wait until all the chocolate had been swallowed, before brushing his teeth. Then he came out of the bathroom with Zakir and proudly showed off his newly brushed pearly whites. Gosh, you can't keep your eyes off that little guy for even a moment!

He is also getting more vocal; this evening he pooped in his diaper, ran to me, patted his bottom and said, "poop poop!". It's so funny how a mom can be proud of her child saying poop! Later on after the older siblings were tucked in he pointed upstairs and said "nee nee", our word for sleep. So I took him to his room and he lay down in his crib without a peep, and went to sleep. Now that nights are getting easier, it's a bummer that his routine is about to get messed up with us traveling. We are about to encounter an 11 hour time difference in Pakistan; we may have to re-train Bilal for nights when we get back to the States after 2 and 1/2 weeks. But we really are looking forward to our vacation.


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