Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just another Tuesday

Today I am enjoying one of my much coveted Tuesdays off with Bilal. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my work, but the time I spend with my kids is very special. I just put Bilal down for his nap a little while ago, and after wrapping up a load of laundry I’ve sat down to write. When I put Bilal in his crib today he didn’t cry, but a few minutes later he let out a familiar shout, “Stuck!!!” That used to be my cue to run to him and see what had happened, until I realized that he would stick his foot through the slats of the crib and just PRETEND to be stuck, in order to get mama to come check on him. Hey, I’m not falling for that one anymore! The little guy knows every ploy in the book! So I gave him a minute or two and he went to sleep. Thankfully after many months of unpredictability Bilal has settled down into a nice routine. Zakir is back to setting his alarm in the mornings, because he can no longer depend on Bilal waking us up at 5:30 or 6am. He has been actually sleeping until about 8am. He takes one nap, about 2 to 2 and ½ hours, occasionally even 3, and then sleeps about 9pm, usually through the night.

Now that sleep and naps are no longer an issue we are dealing with other stuff. Personally my opinion is that Bilal was born to be an only child. He is happiest with me, Zakir or his nanny Vicki when there is no other child around. He can’t stand for Safa or Hamza to even sit too close to me, and expresses his displeasure by biting, hitting, pinching or pulling their hair. Safa complains to everyone that he is just so mean! Of course no-one believes her, how can they when they see his adorable angelic face? I am so ready for this stage to be over before the older siblings lose their patience with him. But on the other hand, with almost 8 years age difference between the two brothers, I suppose it comes with the territory.


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