Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Well, it's back to work tomorrow, the usual weekly routine. The kids have be out of school for 5 days, staying up later than usual and getting up waaaayyyy later. They are going to have a reality check tomorrow! Thanksgiving Day we had a few close friends and their kids come over for dinner. It was our first year frying a turkey; it turned out great. A lot of good food and good company was the highlight of the day. Friday I was in clinic, and I also had to work Saturday and Sunday. Trying to get in as many on-call weekends before the winter holidays when we have our vacation to Pakistan planned.

As I am typing this Bilal is running around like a little maniac throwing and trying to catch a ball. He is usually down by 8pm, but his schedule has been thrown off this weekend too, with later nights and late afternoon naps. It's just too cruel to try and put him to bed now, and let him fuss because he's just not sleepy enough. Every so often he runs over and pats the kitty on her head, she raises her sleepy head and glares at him, then goes right back to sleep again. She's gotten used to him now, but was very jealous of him after he was born. She woke up one day, and her jealousy had dissipated, she became tolerant, and actually even nice to Bilal. The change in her attitude surprised us in the beginning......until I realized it coincided with the day we moved Bilal's crib upstairs and he started sleeping in his own room. Tiny is happy to have her territory all to herself now, and that means sleeping in the middle of our bed, very disruptive if you can't sleep! It's funny how cats have a temperament not much different from humans, especially when it comes to jealousy.

Safa has been working hard on her debate. The next meet is on Tuesday, and the topic in question is the death penalty. She scored very well during the last meet, and has been moved up from first speaker to second, a harder position, especially for a sixth grader, so early in the year. The debate teacher is counting on Safa securing the middle school a good position at the end of the year, after her exemplary performance last month. That's where her quiet competitive spirit kicks in. She is really driven, when she wants to be.


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